> The Bakfiets Cargobike: Sheenfiets?

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Dan of the Dutch Bicycle Company sent me this photo while we were corresponding about Cargobikes a couple months ago and I thought it was simply some stock art that the Bakfiets folks had put together for marketing purposes. "Hey, it's a Dutch model that looks like Charlie Sheen on a Cargobike!!" and "Very nice suit... Why aren't they using this photo on their site?" I thought.

Well, Henry of Henry WorkCycles says that this is no less than Prince Maurits van Oranje of the Dutch royal family riding his prized Cargobike from Bakfiets.nl around Amsterdam. Apparentlly the Dutch press have, as Henry says, "kidded him about being more proud of his bike than the kids that ride in it." I stand corrected with humblest apologies to Prince Maurits for the comparison to Mr. Sheen.


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