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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How to Dress a Bakfiets

kid cover

cargo cover

bare naked

Here's the Cargobike Long in various states of dress (photos from Bakfiets.nl). Will have more opinions on the kid cover as the Oregon winter progresses and once it shows up from Dan at the Dutch Bicycle Company.

Initial thoughts on the cargo cover are that it will be better to build an easily removable hard top that can be locked down when the bike is parked on the street full of stuff. That's one advantage of cars that's hard to deny - they provide secure, portable storage... The large capacity of the Bakfiets box means that multiple errands like grocery shopping, video rental, beer runs can take place on one trip and you don't want to leave anything too tempting, er, like beer or that $7 Cotes du Rhone, sitting unattended in the cargo box between errands. I picked up some detachable stainless hinges and a recessed lockset from our local hardware mecca Winks Hardware and am looking for some marine plywood or light weight alumninum diamond plate to fashion a lid. More details and photos on this project soon.


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