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Monday, December 10, 2007

De Bakfiets Imam

Here's a fairly random, but humorous video of a bakfiets riding imam discussing halal and haraam with a group of Dutch kids. Love the folding cardboard mosque. Bakfiets is halal!


Anonymous Mike Reeves said...

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Blogger Mary said...

Well. That just led me to spend a a good hour figuring out what on earth is going on with the Bakfiets Imam. It seems that Najib has a TV show featuring him in Monty Pythonesque sketches, trying (and always failing) to buy "Moor's Head" pastries at the corner bakery, taking surreal taxi rides, trying to enroll his niece in xenophobic schools, and - as the Bakfiets Imam - bringing enlightenment to neighborhood kids. He's from Morocco himself, and he seems to be making gentle fun of cultural misunderstandings. Not a bad site for working on one's Dutch (some of the jokes are quite funny), but if you're looking for more bakfiets footage, you will be out of luck: it's always the same little clip.

1:28 PM  

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