> The Bakfiets Cargobike: Pumpkinfiets

Thursday, October 25, 2007


On a crisp and bright autumn afternoon 11 month old Ben is quickly adapting to his newly discovered ride. Today we took an excursion to get some more pumpkins at the neighborhood market since carved-too-early jackolantern #1 had already collapsed into a brown heap of moldy slime (but isn't that a key part of the season and holiday - death and renewal?). The fall colors have really reached their peak and the gutters and sidewalks are brimming with a rainbow of dry leaves. For cargo freaks, note that there is a 12 pack of Mirror Pond hidden under the seat. This load really smooths out the ride! And you get very strange looks from the people at the supermarket check-out when they see you, the child, the squash, the large quantities of beer and then look up and see that you both are wearing bicycle helmets. Viva la Bakfiets!


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