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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Bakfiets Badge & Maarten van Andel

When I first received my bike I was confused about the "van Andel - Amsterdam" badge on the head tube and key fob. Didn't I buy a WorkCycles Bakfiets? Why no Bakfiets or WorkCycles head badge? Apparently the badge alludes to the original designer of this particular bakfiets design - Maarten van Andel. I haven't been able to dig up much more information about his current involvement with the bikes or connection to Bakfiets.nl, etc. Can anybody out there tell us more about this brilliant fellow and what he's up to these days?


Blogger Mary said...

This news item, which was linked to a subscription news site, tells something of Mr. van Andel's current activities:

Maandag 27 november 2006
Bakfietsenmaker wint rechtszaak
Bakfietsontwerper Maarten van Andel heeft de rechtszaak die hij had aangespannen tegen bedrijven die zijn ontwerp hadden gekopieerd gewonnen.

(Monday, November 27, 2006: Bakfiets-builder wins court case. Bakfiets developer Maarten van Andel has won the court case that he brought against companies that had copied his design.)

6:13 AM  
Anonymous Dirk said...

See here (in Dutch) for the history on the bakfiets.

11:15 AM  

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