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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fun with Cargobikes

Here are some photos from Henry Cutler of Henry WorkCycles in Amsterdam of kids enjoying cargobike activities. Here's what he says: "American kids sometimes go bowling for their birthday (OK, that's what we did 30 years ago!). Dutch kids sometimes go for rides in special bakfietsen, perhaps to picnic, the pannekoekenhuis (pancake house) etc! Enjoy. Groeten, Henry"

Thanks Henry! This should give the folks on Alberta some festive ideas. I already hear murmurs about who in Portland will be first to build a "tall" Bakfiets - that will be interesting to see! I have a feeling a small clawfoot bathtub may somehow be involved with this effort...

[Bakfiets birthday party: 9 or maybe its actually 10 "meisjes" on their way to a picnic in the park. Not clear who's the birthday girl.]

[Monark Long John with transverse seating. Fun but don't try this at home kids! With adults in the seats its very difficult to ride and not exactly narrow either.]

[The music pirates: bells, drums, horns, kazoos and various other implements of noise. Hundreds of kids terrorized a festival for days with this thing. Note the extreme emphasis on safety in all photos.]


Blogger Bruce said...

Man, those Dutchies know how to have fun.

Say, I'm wondering if you'd let a curious person take your bakiets out for a spin sometime?

treeturtle at gmail.com


9:55 PM  

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