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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Legal in the US?

Here's an interesting item sold by one of my favorite Dutch eBay sellers Bikerstore - they have a fantastic selection of GMG and Bobike kid seats which I'll be writing more about soon. Anyway, is it even legal to haul an infant carseat on a bike in the US? Does anyone know? I'm assuming helmet laws make this sort of thing illegal, not that I'd ever want to do it on even quiet streets here...

Check out a cool collection of European transport and kid carrying bikes from Todd of Cleverchimp at his site here.


Anonymous todd said...

love it - i photographed the same thing in amsterdam as exemplary of the disconnect between america and bicycling societies: http://todd.cleverchimp.com/bike/euro/eurobike-Pages/Image12.html

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Aaron Goss said...

Most helmet laws apply to everyone or everyone under a set age (16 or 18 for example).
I strapped my kids car seat into our Burley trailer when he was only 3 weeks old. We put on fat BMX street tires and ran them at 10 psi. We had read about bicycle trailer bike riding possibly not being good for an infant's brain. Even Burley does not recommend it but the employees (of the old Burley) said to me that they did it themselves. Seems the rumor or study was written by lawyers and car advocates because my son turned out fine. His smart brain seems to be functioning just fine, thank you!

The Dutch are a very smart peole, I think that a baby on a bike would be just fine. Even if the bike tipped over, the car seat (a.k.a. Baby Handle) would protect the kid.

Don't forget that being in a car is the #1 killer of kids and babies.

Helmet Stats here:
Seatac Washington excempts infants.
However, most places still do not have helmet laws, that is a good thing!

4:13 PM  

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